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Karinpoky at work with a colleagueKarinpoky at work with a colleague


I am a full-stack software consultant from China, living and working in a city which called ShenZhen, China, near HongKong. I am specialized on the Java platform but I do generally enjoy any kind of programming. At work, I am a software architect and software product owner.

Over the years, I m interested in Java, JS, C, Shell, often use Spring Cloud ,React and other framework. I like to research the protocol,for example TCP/IP, ARP, DNS, SSL, HTTP,BGP, OSPF, RIP. There is a plan to build a network protocol called GLP, originate from my glacier open source project.

In my spare time, I am fairly active in developing open source software and I believe in writing clean, modular code. Late at night, I enjoy thinking deeply about some problem like: How to design a graph database, start from zero. How to build a all-new network protocol. Finally, I want to say to everybody: just do it!


SoftWare Architect and Product Owner.


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